What's the worst that could happen?

Accidents may be unavoidable, but limiting their impact is well within your control. By planning ahead now, you can protect yourself, your belongings and your guests.

Why it matters

Renters insurance isn't about the building--it's about your home. Whether you're renting a house, apartment or condo, let the landlord worry about the walls and let us help take care of what matters to you.

At Southern Kentucky Insurance, a Renters Insurance policy can provide:

1. Customizable Coverage: Like people, every home is different and we think you deserve coverage that matches your specific needs

2. Special Coverage Limits: Protect your personal property and the full value of the items you cherish most

3. Temporary Relocation: If damage to your home requires you to relocate, we can help cover the extra expense

4. Content Replacement Cost: We offer coverage to replace covered property with new items rather than depreciating the value



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It's what's inside that makes a place home. Give it your own style, and we can help provide options to match.